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Detcon Wired and Wireless Gas Detectors

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Detcon® Fixed Gas Sensors

Detcon 700 series Gas Detectors

Detcon 700 Series Gas Sensors

The new generation Detcon 700 series of gas sensors are vibration-proof, corrosion-proof, and water-proof. The electronics are fully encapsulated, and the sensors include a multi-layer of surge protection: "environmentally bulletproof" in harsh environments. Configurations and calibrations are menu-driven with intuitive instructions. The 700 series sensor modules include dual redundant outputs, linear 4-20 milliamp analog signal, and a Modbus RS-485 serial output.

Other Detcon fixed gas sensors include the models 500 and 600 with Microsafe™ intuitive software, the high quality no-frills model 100, the model GD1 laser open path H2S gas detector, the GD10 solid state IR point gas detectors, the iTrans fixed gas detectors for explosive gas, toxic gas, or oxygen, and the DG series of gas detectors for the detection of toxic gases, flammable gases, and hydrogen sulfide.

Detcon Model Series 700 Gas Detectors

Detcon Wireless Gas Sensors

Detcon CXT wireless gas sensors

Detcon CXT wireless gas sensors

The Detcon CTX is a mobile sensor of toxic gases and combustible hydrocarbons within heavy industrial environments. The CXT is powered by a disposable C-cell battery pack that is capable of continuous operation of over 60 days. Power options include a rechargeable battery with 5-6 months continuous run-time, a disposable D-cell battery pack for a 9 month run-time, and a solar panel that provides continuous operation. The built-in transceivers operate at the 2.4ghz frequency.

Other Detcon wireless gas sensors and accessories include the hard-wired 24vdc CX IR/gas sensor that can be used with the CX/CXT controllers, the 32 channel CXT controller and alarm system, SmartWireless® audio-visual alarm stations, the RXT-300/RXT-320 wireless 2.4ghz transceivers, the 32 channel SW-X40-32 master control panel, and a wide selection of battery and solar power options.

Detcon's SmartWireless® Technology

Detcon Gas Analyzers

Detcon Gas Analyzers

Detcon Gas Analyzers

The customizable Detcon model 1000 series of H2S and CO2 gas analyzers are for the continuous measuring of gas concentrations at gas production wells, in natural gas treating plants, and at gas pipeline transfer points. The model 1000 variations are H2S (electrochemical), CO2 (infrared), H2S-CO2, and the portable H2S with up to a 10,000 ppm range. Features of the Detcon gas analyzers include low cost, no hazardous waste disposal, easy field calibration, continuous measurement, field-replaceable sensors, and the analyzers are rated Class I, Div. 1, Groups C, D.

Detcon Portable Gas Detectors

Detcon Portable Gas Detectors

Detcon Portable Gas Detectors

Detcon offers a wide selection of portable gas detectors for industry and safety. The model PS200 personal safety monitor displays up to four hazardous gas conditions simultaneously (combustible gases, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen deficiency). The PS200 is ideal for confined spaces and hotworks. The PS1 is a lightweight single gas monitor that is popular in the oil and gas industry. The V!SA portable multi-gas analyzer displays up to five gases simultaneously and has a programmable 95db audible alarm and high-visibility light bar. The GT40 portable gas detector is designed for the gas industry with 7 modes of operation, gas leak detection, confined space monitoring,and the measuring of up to four gases.

Detcon Inc. Gas Detection

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