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Valve Automation Update

Rotork IQ3 Environmental Protection

August 29, 2014

Rotork IQ3 controls

Rotork's IQ3 Actuator's environmental protection and cable-less data communication includes the use of bidirectional handheld wireless technology as well as the non-intrusive local controls. The cut-out photo shows how the local control is mounted without the control or any wiring penetrating the case. Through use of magnetic hall-effect sensors the local controls keep the interior of the IQ3 fully isolated from the environment. Rotork IQ3 Actuators

Valve Automation Update

Bray Series 35F Butterfly Valves

August 27, 2014

Bray Series 35F Butterfly Valves

The rugged Bray Series 35F is a large diameter lightweight butterfly valve that offers a range of 32" to 60", temperature ranges of -20F to 250F, a full flanged body of cast iron, ductile iron, or Hastelloy, and is specifically designed for high chloride services. The stem is of stainless steel, and the disc is offered in stainless steel, super austenitic stainless steel, and Hastelloy. Seats are bonded BUNA-N and bonded EPDM. Bray Valves

Valve Automation Update

Detcon DG Series Gas Detectors

August 25, 2014

Detcon DG Series gas detectors

The Detcon DG series of gas detectors include the MultiToc Electrochemical (for toxic gases), the MultiXplo Catalytic (for flammable gases), and the MutiTox Solid State MOS (for hydrogen sulfide). The gas detectors' microprocessors are configurable with a wireless handheld terminal (hazardous area approved TLU) or the optional HART. ATEX and SIL safety approvals. Electrical Classification: II 2 G Ex d IIC T6 Gb (-40°C to +65°C). Detcon Gas Detectors

Valve Automation Update

Rotork IQ3 Enhanced Sealing

August 23, 2014

Rotork IQ3 cutaway

The Rotork IQ3 cutaway photo illustrates some of the enhanced sealing for outstanding environmental protection. The terminal compartment is double-sealed to protect the actuator even while cabling. Thrust bases are separable across all ranges, the IQ3 gives extremely reliable valve position sensing (independent of voltage and temperature variations), and the casing coatings provide improved corrosion protection. Rotork IQ3 Actuators

Valve Automation Update

Detcon iTrans 2 Gas Detector

August 21, 2014

Detcon iTrans 2 Gas Detector

The Detcon iTrans 2 is a fixed explosion-proof infrared gas detector for explosive gas, toxic gas, or oxygen. Available with an aluminum or stainless steel housing, the iTrans 2 is capable of multi-point configurations or independent operation. Gas detection for propane, butane, methane, ethylene, CO2, and more. In a stand-alone configuration the iTrans 2 can independently activate alarms, fans and control the shutdown of a system. Detcon Gas Detectors

Valve Automation Update

Flow-Tek Series S85 Ball Valves

August 19, 2014

Flow-Tek Series S85 ball valves

Designed for ease of automation, the Flow-Tek Series S85 quarter-turn ball valves are made with cast stainless steel and annealed for strength and quality. The self-adjusting stem seals automatically compensate for changes of temperature and wear. Features include blowout-proof stems, stainless steel safety latch handles, anti-static devices, and replaceable seats and seals. The series S85 is available in sizes of .5" to 3" with a pressure rating of 1000 psi. Bray Valves

Valve Automation Update

Rotork Fireproofing

August 16, 2014

Rotork Fireproofing

Rotork offers a wide range of options for fireproofing actuators. The semi-rigid enclosure offers fire protection of up to 30 minutes and 2,000F for all actuators including the IQ3. The flexible enclosure offers similar fire protection as well being capable of being tailor-fitted to also contain gearboxes. The patented System-E fireproofing coating is molded to the actuator itself and reflects heat back into the fire. Rotork IQ3 Actuators

Valve Automation Update

Bray Series 22/23 Butterfly Valve

August 14, 2014

Bray 22/23 Butterfly Valve

Bray Series 22/23 Butterfly Valves offer high CV values, bubble-tight shut-off, and a long service life. The reinforced PTFE gaskets between the body halves eliminate external contamination and potential leak paths. Secondary seal capsules apply upward and downward pressure on the seat and disc surfaces to isolate the stem and valve body from the line's media. Accessories include a tapped leak detector port in the body neck below the stem seal. Bray Valves

Valve Automation Update

Detcon GD1 Laser Open Path H2S Gas Detector

August 12, 2014

Detcon GD1 Laser Open Path H2S Gas Detector

The Detcon GD1 Laser Open Path H2S Gas Detector uses a tunable laser diode that eliminates environmental effects (fog, rain, and sun) to enable superior stability and the fastest possible response time while requiring no recalibration. Multiple standard detectors can be replaced with the GD1 to monitor the same hazards. The electrical classification is Ex II 2 G Ex e IIC T4/T5/T6. Detcon Gas Detectors

Valve Automation Update

Rotork IQT Pro Actuator

August 08, 2014

Rotork IQT actuator

The Rotork IQT Pro is a quarter-turn actuator that can be mounted in any position (the gear cases maintain proper lubrication regardless of positioning, and the LCD display and pushbutton module can be rotated for 'always up' positioning). The large back-lit LCD display provides real-time data. The separate thrust base design enables the actuator to be removed without affecting the valve position. Available in single/3 phase and DC. Please view our Rotork page for additional information and videos of how to configure the IQ3. Rotork IQ3 Actuators

Valve Automation Update

Detcon CXT Controller

August 07, 2014

Detcon CXT Controller

The Detcon SmartWireless Site Sentinel CXT Controller gas detection and control system is compatible with the RXT and CST transceivers for up to 32 wired and/or wireless devices. The CXT is rated for hazardous areas and offers an optional visual alarm, audio alarm, external alarm port, and up to 4 external wired sensory inputs. During normal operation the control panel's screen displays real-time gas concentrations or the status of other devices. Detcon Gas Detectors

Valve Automation Update

Rotork IQ3ML Actuator

August 02, 2014

Rotork IQ3 actuator

The Rotork IQ3ML linear modulating actuator has similar features of the IQ3M 3-phase actuator plus a modulating thrust linear output of up to 33,721 lbf. Advantages of the IQ3 include future-proof embedded software that is field-upgradable, redundant position sensor, and enhanced sealing and maintenance access. Please view our Rotork page for additional information and videos of how to configure the IQ3. Rotork IQ3 Actuators