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Valve Automation Update

Please visit the Valve Automation Solutions 2014 Qtr 2 page for additional updates for April.

Valve Automation Update

Detcon Gas Detectors

May 31, 2014

Detcon Portable Gas Detectors

Detcon offers a wide selection of portable gas detectors for industry and safety. The PS200 personal safety monitor displays up to four hazardous gas conditions simultaneously. The PS1 is a lightweight single gas monitor that is popular in the oil and gas industry. The V!SA displays up to five gases simultaneously. The GT40 portable gas detector is designed for the gas industry with 7 modes of operation. 800-999-9308 Detcon Gas Detectors

Valve Automation Update

Detcon 700 Series Gas Sensors

May 30, 2014

Detcon 700 Gas Sensors

The new generation Detcon 700 series of gas sensors are vibration-proof, corrosion-proof, water-proof, the electronics are fully encapsulated, and the sensors include a multi-layer of surge protection: "environmentally bulletproof" in harsh environments. Configurations and calibrations are menu-driven with intuitive instructions. The 700 series sensor modules include dual redundant outputs, linear 4-20 milliamp analog signal, and Modbus RS-485 serial output. 800-999-9308 Detcon Gas Detectors.

Valve Automation Update

Gestra ECONOline BK 36/A7 Steam Traps

May 17, 2014

The Gestra ECONOline BK 36/A7 steam trap offers self-draining (will not freeze when it is positioned for gravity drain), it can be mounted in any position, it is unaffected by waterhammer, fail-open pressure-assisted design, and has zero steam loss. The 36/A7 is recommended for low capacity applications like for drip and tracing. We handle the full line of Gestra products. Contact us at 800-999-9308 and view our Inventory page .

Valve Automation Update

Rotork IQ3 Actuators.

May 15, 2014

Rotork Gearbox

The IW series of quarter-turn Rotork worm gearboxes offers high efficiency, removable output drive sleeves, angular contact bearings, and a comprehensive selection of gear ratios and input reducers. The gearboxes are suitable for plug, ball and butterfly valves in all types of environments as well as low and high temperatures. Applications include the power, gas, chemical, water and general industries. Contact us at 800-999-9308 and see our Inventory page .

Valve Automation Update

Fireye's Class 3 High Energy Igniters

May 13, 2014

Fireye's standard and retractable class 3 High Energy Igniters (HEI) are used for the direct spark ignition of oil and gas igniters. The duty cycle is 100% at up to 130 degrees ambient Fahrenheit. The spark rod's reliable self-cleaning spark tip is threaded, enabling easy replacement. 12-gauge 3,000 volt sheathed cable provides 12 joules of power to the spark tip. Contact us at 800-999-9308 for more information.

Valve Automation Update

Gestra NRS 1-51 Level Switch

May 10, 2014

The Gestra NRS 1-51 level switch is used with NRG1xxx.xx level electrodes for a high level alarm in pressurized hot water plants and steam boilers. The NRS 1-51 is designed to switch off the feedwater supply if the limit water levels exceed a maximum preset water level. Additional safety is the alarming if an electrical connection or the level electrode malfunction. Contact us at 800-999-9308 for more information.

Valve Automation Update

Gestra MPA47 Blowdown Valve

May 08, 2014

The Gestra MPA47 is a rapid-action intermittent blowdown valve for boilers that operate without constant supervision. The valves' diaphragm actuators are suitable for pressurized water or compressed air and offer a rapid-closing mechanism. Opening pulses are supplied by the type TA automatic intermittent blowdown control. Contact us at 800-999-9308 for more information.

Valve Automation Update

Rotork IQ3 Actuators

May 03, 2014

Rotork IQ3 Actuator

Mechanical updates of the Rotork IQ3 actuator include a two stage hand/auto engagement, hand/auto lever design, smooth rim handwheel design, cartridge styled thrust base, and options for plug and socket plus the anti-back drive device. The IQ3 is available with three-phase, single-phase, and DC. Contact us at 800-999-9308 and see our Rotork IQ3 page.

Valve Automation Update

Rotork IQ3 Actuators.

July 06, 2014

Rotork IQ3 Actuator

The Rotork IQ3 is a third generation electric actuator. The new dual-stacked multilingual LCD user interface is intuitive for status, setup, and with configurable datalogger functionality. The setting tool connects through secured Bluetooth. Features include real-time status reporting and Insight2 PC software for valve performance analysis. Contact us at 800-999-9308 and see our Rotork IQ3 page.