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Valve Automation Update

Rotork Skilmatic EH Actuators

October 31, 2014

Rotork Skilmatic EH

The Rotork Skilmatic EH positioning actuators incorporate an additional solenoid to route the hydraulic fluid through a smaller orifice so as to enable a slower bleed towards the end of stroke, which also enables higher positional accuracy. Rather than the pump motor cycling on and off, the pump motor remains running by routing the pump output through a solenoid to the reservoir. Rotork IQ3.

Valve Automation Update

Fireye MB-600 Burner Control

October 29, 2014

Fireye MB600 Series burner control

Designed for industrial ovens and furnaces, the Fireye MBPF-100S and MB600PF burner controls are able to use UV or a flame rod, or both simultaneously, while giving a visual indication and a relay output to signal the presence of a flame. The on-board testing checks for shorted air switches, low fire switch interlocks, faulty relays, and proof of valve closure. The burner control can identify which burner has caused an initial flame failure.

Valve Automation Update

Rotork Skilmatic EH Actuators

October 27, 2014

Rotork Skilmatic EH

The primary components of Rotork Skilmatic EH actuators are an electric motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic reservoir, hydraulic manifold, and an integrated control module. The EH can be mounted in any position, and the control module and hydraulic power unit themselves can be mounted remotely. The EH meets torque requirements of up to 5.3 million lbf-in, and thrust requirements of up to 1.2 million lbs. Rotork IQ3.

Valve Automation Update

Rotork Skilmatic Actuators

October 24, 2014

Rotork Skilmatic Pro SI-2

The Rotork Skilmatic SI-2 actuators achieve similar accuracy as the SI-1 but with use of a motorized vane pump and two return-springs that enable the quarter-turn rotary action. During operation the springs are compressed and held by hydraulic pressure, and during ESD or a command to close, the bleed solenoid valves are opened to release the pressure and permit the spring to return the valve to the closed position. Rotork IQ3.

Valve Automation Update

Fireye MB Series Burner Control

October 22, 2014

Fireye MB Series burner control

The Fireye MB Series of flame safeguard burner controls can power pilots, ignition transformers, and main gas valves of up to 20 furnace, oven, or other multi-burner applications. Purge timing is adjustable from 0 seconds to one hour, and a 1/2 HP 15amp blower output is built-in. The flame failure response is 3 seconds (+/- 0.5 seconds), and the pilot proving time is 7 seconds. Diagnostic LEDs and an optional keypad are for ease of system commissioning.

Valve Automation Update

Rotork Skilmatic Actuators

October 20, 2014

Rotork Skilmatic Pro SI-1

The Rotork Skilmatic SI-1 linear actuators achieve high accuracy by using dual oscillating pumps that produce hydraulic pulses in one direction (open position) while the opposite bleed direction is achieved by the spring-return (closed or safe position). Position is held by the bleed solenoid valve remaining energized. The bleed solenoid is de-energized to permit a release of pressure in case of loss of ESD or a command to close the valve. Rotork IQ3.

Valve Automation Update

Rotork Skilmatic Actuators

October 18, 2014

Rotork Skilmatic SI/EH Actuator

Rotork Skilmatic SI and EH electro-hydraulic spring-return actuators incorporate Functional Safety - a system of technologies, techniques, procedures, and standards to protect operators from potential hazards. TUV-verified, the SI and EH actuators comply to safety integrity (SIL) levels 2 and 3. The Skilmatic actuators are best suited for critical loop and safety systems requiring SIL 1 to SIL 3. Rotork IQ3.

Valve Automation Update

Fireye D-Series Burner Control

October 16, 2014

Fireye D-Series burner control

The Fireye D-Series of burner controls use plug-in amplifier modules for autocheck infrared, ultraviolet, repetitive self-check ultraviolet, and rectification methods of flame detection in oil and gas burners. A safe start checks for the presence of a flame signal before starting. The flame detecting system itself is checked for component failure during each firing cycle. Maximum response time for flame failures is 4 seconds, or 1 second with the T-suffixed modules.

Valve Automation Update

Rotork Skilmatic Actuators

October 14, 2014

Rotork Skilmatic Actuator

The Rotork SI/EH Skilmatic actuators are for safety-critical installations that are benefited with the feature of partial stroke maintenance testing. Valves can remain open to maintain production while the actuator is partially cycled to gather operating diagnostics. Among other safety features is the return spring’s pre-determined safe position overriding all other commands in the event of an emergency shutdown. Rotork IQ3.

Valve Automation Update

Fireye MicroM® Flame Safeguard

October 11, 2014

Fireye MicroM 120 Flame Safeguard

The Fireye MicroM® Flame Safeguard controls are for continuous flame monitoring of commercial-sized heating and process equipment of all types of fuel. Flame failure response is 0.8 seconds (3 seconds nominal, 4 second maximum). The MicroM has the advantage of no dependence on discrete components for timing functions. Appropriate flame detector, programmer modules, and plug-in amplifier assemble a complete MicroM system.

Valve Automation Update

Rotork Skilmatic Actuators

October 07, 2014

Rotork Skilmatic Actuator

The Rotork Skilmatic SI/EH-Q range of actuators are specifically designed for safety-critical applications of all types of dampers, butterfly, ball, and plug valves. Field bus communications are available for remote control and monitoring. Features include partial stroke testing (PSD) and emergency shutdown (ESD). Modulating positioning resolution is configurable to below .2%. Rotork IQ3.