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Valve Automation Update

Gestra BK 27 Steam Trap

January 29, 2015

Gestra BK 27 Steam Trap

The Gestra BK 27 steam trap offers a self-draining pressure-assisted fail open design with zero steam loss even during waterhammer and superheat. Stainless steel bimetallic internals ensure long-term dependability while the design enables easy in-line maintenance. A check valve and stainless steel strainer are standard. The BK 27 can be installed in any position (gravity drainage is required for self-draining).

Valve Automation Update

Detcon Model 1000 H2S-CO2 Gas Analyzer

January 27, 2015

Detcon model 1000 H2S-CO2 gas analyzer

The Detcon model 1000 H2S-CO2 gas analyzer includes a Genie membrane filter to ensure liquid protection, a 0-30 psig stainless steel pressure gauge, a flow control valve, and a 15 psig pressure relief valve. Manual switching between span calibrations and sample monitor is provided by two each 3-way valves. Explosion-proof enclosures house the 24 VDC power supply, activated carbon scrubber, air dilution pump, and optional fault alarm PCBs. Detcon Gas Detectors

Valve Automation Update

Fireye BurnerLogix BLV

January 24, 2015

Fireye BurnerLogix BLV

Fireye's new BurnerLogix Adaptive Infrared Amplifier technology self-adjusts for optimal detection of all fuels and can safely shut down a burner when firing conditions are inadequate. The BurnerLogix can easily upgrade OEMs with simple pigtail wiring. The complete BurnerLogix system has the wiring base, amplifier module, plug-in programmer, and the appropriate flame detector. Fireye's single burner controls can meet all applications and requirements.

Valve Automation Update

Detcon FP-700 Gas Sensor

January 09, 2015

Detcon FP-700 Gas Sensor

Detcon Model FP-700 gas sensors monitor and detect combustible gases at 0-100% LEL. Sensor failures are effectively immune to vibration, transient spikes, corrosion, and water ingress. Sharing similar features as the TP-700, the FP-700 has a two year warranty and an infinite shelf life. Standard outputs are Modbus RS-485 and analog 4-20mA. Typical applications include oil and gas sites, refineries, paper mills, and water treatment plants. Detcon Gas Detectors

Valve Automation Update

Detcon TP-700 Gas Sensor

January 07, 2015

Detcon TP-700 Gas Sensor

The non-intrusive Detcon Model TP-700 sensor monitors and detects H2S at 0-100ppm. The TP-700 features a stainless steel housing, corrosion-resistant over-sized gold-plated connections, proprietary solid state metal oxide technology, and embedded software for configuration, calibration, and diagnostics. Warranty is 10 years plus an infinite shelf life. Available options include wireless capability, a Remote Alarm Module, and Foundation Fieldbus. Detcon Gas Detectors